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Best online dating sites in europe norweigian

best online dating sites in europe norweigian

company julbord dinner party Swedish banks dont let you see details of transactionsmy last paycheck came from a company/person/object called 0 Housewives are condescended upon by Swedes. UmmmI like non pissy bathrooms. Designer crap Swedish fashion falls apart after 3 months of use. With gym etiquette, no one has sweat towels! Queues during Christmastime fail miserably. I already know the weather sucks, thanks for pointing out the obvious. I know I ruffled feathers with my 10 things I hate about Sweden. Do they love Sweden then if all they can do is hate me for pointing out the poorer aspects of the nation?

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The black market rental sucks. People whine about the weather. Otherwise people fail to understand forming a line. To prove them wrong, I made a list about why I love Sweden. People wear flip flops or walk barefoot in the gym Id love to drop a 10kg dumbbell on an exposed toe. People snus and throw the used packet on the streets; same with cigarette butt litter. Fitted bedsheets dont exist. People hit you in the head with bags on the metro and dont apologize. Why cant people work to do their best? Stores close at 18hr (19hr if youre lucky).


Hookup Date With This Hot Girl. The housing market sucks. Bus drivers think they are in the indy or rally! Foreigners are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. People dont make small talk. You have to pay 10kr for a bathroom that has sticky toilet paper on the floor. Lagom everything is at work. Drivers think youre a pylon when crossing the street. Banks close at 15hr on most days. This compiled list is not just. Everything is so expensive. No one holds doors open. The queue linni meister pupper sex i bergen system only works when there is a queue number. I asked several expats what they hate about Sweden and these are the top answers. Wedding gift registries do not exist.

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